4 Stage: Huesca-Lleida.
Distance: 141 km. So far: 481 km

I took the secondary road A-1217 in Huesca, crossing the province firstly through the Huesca Plain towards Monflorite airport, till the finish of the paved path around Sena, in the northest part of Los Monegros region. There I changed the road, crossing the Greenwich meridian to the East and reaching Fraga town in the Lower Cinca region.

Huesca is a sparsely populated province, the density is less than 15 persons per km², nothing compared with Bizkaia, that pass 500 persons per km², Barcelona (about 700) or Madrid (around 800).

Last kilometers, already in Catalunya after a short climb leaving Fraga, I cycled parallel to the A2 motorway by the old N-II to enter Lleida, with very low traffic and big shoulder.

The air temperature has reached 26ºC but the  light tail-wind from the west during the stage made easier the ride.










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