13 Stage: Arles-Carpentras Distance: 105 km. So far: 1430 km   Two punctures in the same day and the dusk on the final kilometers.  


12 Stage: Montpellier-Arles Distance: 110 km. So far: 1325 km Solo ride, with tailwind the most of the time. Today I entered the Provence region by the Bouches-du-Rhône department (13)  and crossed La Camargue natural regional park,  where some brave bulls, flamingos and other birds habitate.                   The... Leer más →


11 Stage: Narbonne-Montpellier Distance: 137 km. So far: 1215 km   Very easy ride with the tail-wind help of the northern Tramontana wind.  I ride with Jeroen almost all the stage. Along the "Canal du Midi" by a good cyclable path to Agde, then to Séte between the Étang de Thau and Mediterranean Sea, then all... Leer más →

Port Vendres-Narbonne

10 Stage: Port Vendres-Narbonne Distance: 105 km. So far: 1.078 km   Almost all the time riding along the "Voie verte de l'Angly". Easy day with no headwind today and good temperature. For tomorrow, I expect the help of "Tramontana" tailwind on the route to Montpellier.  

L’Escala-Port Vendres

9 stage: L'Escala-Port Vendres 70 km. So far: 973 km       Due to the heavy head-wind, I decided took a train in Figueres till Portbou. There, I met Jeroen, a flemish long touring biker from Gent that is raising money to help people with Huntington disease. He is also a very good bicycle... Leer más →


7 stage: Olot-Girona Distance: 70 km. So far: 831 km   Today is Sant Jordi and the city of Girona is bursting, almost does not fit my bicycle between so many people in the Ciutat Vella. Firefighters  of Banyoles are masters, when seeing me with bike called me and passed to the control room to... Leer más →


4 Stage: Huesca-Lleida. Distance: 141 km. So far: 481 km I took the secondary road A-1217 in Huesca, crossing the province firstly through the Huesca Plain towards Monflorite airport, till the finish of the paved path around Sena, in the northest part of Los Monegros region. There I changed the road, crossing the Greenwich meridian to the... Leer más →

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